Elegance 2 Rainmeter Skin By Lilshizzy


Elegance 2 Rainmeter Skin By Lilshizzy

Elegance 2 is the updated and polished version of the ever popular Elegance by Lilshizzy.

Apart from being beautifully minimal, Elegance 2 is also very complete, featuring most of the usual skins that people expect, clock, date, weather, music; all are pictured above.

One particularly attractive feature of the skin is the clock. It's large design not only comes in horizontal and vertical variations (for more customisation possibilities) but also helps to add a splash of colour to minimal & monochrome desktops. The small drop shadow make each of the skins pop from the screen, creating a slight floating GUI effect.

Elegance 2 minimal Rainmeter skin by Lilshizzy

Even though the skin pack will fit perfectly with Elegance '1' skins (the same fonts and skin layout are used) there are a few additions to this iteration that set it ahead of its predecessor, for example the additional skins and built-in skin manager. A skins manager is useful short cut which bypasses users having to edit reams of notepad text.

Here's an example of a minimal desktop design incorporating both Elegance 1 & 2. Source

Elegance 2 a minimalistic Rainmeter skin by Lilshizzy