Call of Duty Elite - Pricing & Details Announced


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Launch Trailer

With the release of the new MW3 multiplayer gameplay trailer, Activision has also announced the pricing and details of Call of Duty Elite.

I know a lot of people just want to know the facts so everything will just be listed in bullet points.

- It will cost $49.99 a year.

- You will get access to 20 pieces of downloadable content a year, such as extra maps, extra game features and extra missions.

- If you purchase the hardened edition you will get Elite with it as part of the package.

- You will be able to enter competitions, to win in-game content or real life prizes from cars to gadgets.

- Ability to play in clans with your friends, fantasy football kind of stuff but Call of Duty style. You will be able to level up with your clan, trying to become the best your clan can be.

- You will receive access to "Elite TV", an online channel where you will be able watch famous people play against each other and more.

- Deep social connectivity with Facebook which will be able available to all but Elite subscribers get additional features such as, comparing achievements, leaderboards, organising gaming sessions and seeing if your friends are currently playing.

- Apps will also become available for iPhone and Android users so you can access Elite content on the go.

All this does sound great but my biggest concern is on Activision fixing bugs and problems within the game. They have been criticised for just being money grabbers, they release maps regularly but do not fix in game bugs and problems which urgently need fixing. From my own experience of playing Call of Duty I support those who criticise the franchise because I'd rather have a fully working game with no regular map updates than a half broken one.