Android App Downloads to Surpass iOS

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Android App Downloads to Surpass iOS

Analysts have predicted that downloads from the Android Market will surpass those from the Apple App Store in late 2011.

The research group, Ovum, suggests that total Android application downloads will have reached over 8 billion by the end of 2011. Apple is only set to reach 6 billion downloads, says the research. Meanwhile, total application downloads on all platforms may reach 18 billion in this year alone.

It's not all bad news for Apple; they have almost tripled the downloads from their App Store in this year. Though, not to be outdone, Android has jumped past Apple's figure and increased their predicted total application downloads by six times- they only saw 1.4 billion downloads in 2010.

The revenue of the mobile application industry too is picking up with a predicted $1 billion to be made by the end of this year; certainly a good time to be a developer.


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