An Entirely New Way to Search: Qwiki

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An Entirely New Way to Search: Qwiki

Do you ever get bored of reading through long lists of search results on Google (or another search engine, but lets be honest, we all use Google)? If so, there is a perfect website for you; it's called Qwiki.

Qwiki is a revolutionary search engine which acts much like an encyclopaedia to wade through the cluttered web to find useful and accurate information. This alone would give Qwiki an edge, but its main feature is far more interesting. Qwiki not only displays the text of search results, but compiles a video made up of relevant images and commentated by a text-to-speech service which reads out the text result.

This type of searching is perfect if you are looking to quickly- hence the name Qwiki- gain basic knowledge of a subject. Obviously, to further your understanding of a subject, you will need to read more, perhaps via Google or- no, just Google.

Not only is there a Qwiki web app, but there is a matching app for you iPad. The application provides the features online and more; all is revealed in the demonstration video which can be found on the about page of Qwiki with more details about the application.

It is worth noting that Qwiki is still in alpha so there may be a few bugs in the system. It is still very reliable though and I would certainly trust it enough to use it on a daily basis.

You can find the Qwiki website at and the iPad application here.

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