56% of New Smartphone Buyers Choose Android


Android App Downloads to Surpass iOS

The Nielsen Wire research team has discovered that over half of customers, new to the smartphone market, chose Android over every other platform, including iOS in the US.

In August, 43% of smartphone users had an Android device. This is an impressive figure in itself, but when backed up by other data, provided by Nielsen Wire, it creates a much more interesting picture.

In the past three months, Nielsen Wire explains, 56% of smartphone users have chosen Android over other operating systems. This allows us to realise the trend that Android popularity is growing.

Even in the small sample of new smartphone users I have observed, this trend is true. I believe this may just be the start of a new age of open source mobile operating systems.

Apple's iPhones only captured 28% of new customers in the past three months - it must be noted that there are few iOS phones available ,whereas the open source Android platform can be found on hundreds.

In the coming months this will certainly be an interesting topic to follow with more users of smartphones than ever before and greater competition in the market also.

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