UltraLinx Now Featured On Pulse!



I am very happy to announce that UltraLinx can now be found on Pulse- the news application for Android and iOS devices. Today, we received confirmation that both our Art and Design content and our Android content can now be found in Pulse's feed store.

Pulse is a beautiful and fully featured mobile news reading application. It provides content in neat 'scrollable' streams that let the user easily find what they're interested in.  The feed store lets users easily find news from topics they follow, including Android, Art and Design, Gaming and Technology.

As you can see in the screenshots below, UltraLinx can be found in the Android category (Technology > Android News) and the Art and Design category of Pulse.

UltraLinx Now Featured On Pulse!
UltraLinx Now Featured On Pulse!

We'd really appreciate it if you find us in Pulse and follow our feeds. You know we post great content, so why not read it on the go in a great app? ;)

For more information about Pulse's applications and services, please visit their website. We highly recommend Pulse, and liked it even before we were featured. It is a very stable and beautiful application, but best of all, it's free! So grab it now and tell your friends.