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Twitter Adds Galleries to Profiles

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Twitter Adds Galleries to Profiles

The social media giant, Twitter, added image galleries to user profiles this week. Not so long ago, they introduced a direct image search and an image search sidebar.

The new gallery is featured at the side of all profiles and shows all images users upload to Twitter to share with their followers. Services like Twitpic, YFrog and Instagram are supported meaning photos dating back over one and a half years appear. In total, up to one hundred images are shown.

Twitter Adds Galleries to Profiles

On the main page of a user's profile, four highlight images appear alongside the option to view all. The view all option displays a minimal photo gallery which first displays thumbnail images, but also allows full-sized image to be viewed via the view detail option.

Twitter seems to be straying further and further away from its micro-blogging roots. This is not necessarily a bad thing however- new features always attract new users and with more and more mobile devices being used as social tools, I am sure an even easier way to upload pictures will be gratefully accepted.

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