Reckless Getaway - The Racing Sequel


Reckless Getaway - The Racing Sequel

Reckless Getaway, the sequel to Reckless Racing, was released in the Android Market earlier this month. This new game challenges gamers to escape from the cops after robbing several American locations. You must smash through the streets and crash through obstacles to evade the chasing police cars.

There are two fast-paced game modes- Getaway and Wreckless. In Getaway mode, you must escape the police while collecting stars and power-ups which give you boosts, EMPs and the ability to jump. You play through a well-animated story mode which, at the start of each level, shows a comic strip-like introduction.

In Wreckless mode, your objective is to destroy as much of the environment as possible. You can break fences and bash oncoming cars to gain as many points as possible.

I believe both Reckless Racing and Reckless Getaway are fantastic games; certainly good enough to keep you busy on the commute home or when you have a spare minute in the office.

You can find Reckless Getaway for iOS devices here.

Reckless Getaway for Android on AppBrain

Reckless Getaway - The Racing Sequel