Google 'Related'


Google 'Related'

Once again Google is launching a new web product, this time: 'Google Related'.

As it sounds, Google related shows you related content from any webpage  you browse too. The content you receive will be dependant on the type of site you are visiting. For example:

  • The sites of Local businesses will display reviews, maps and similar businesses.
  • Shopping sites will provide you with product reviews, similar products and price comparisons across multiple sites (a very useful feature).
  • News Sites show you more images, videos and other sites that are relevant to the news story you are reading.
  • Other sites will display a mixture of related content, a mixture from videos to news stories.

The great thing about Google Related is that it allows you to view all this content without leaving the page you're on: it's displayed in a handy bar at the bottom of your web browser window. Google+ users will also be fans; there is a +1 button directly on the bar so you now don't need to scour the web page for it meaning you can +1 any webpage, even if there is no button on it.

Currently to enable Google Related you need to be running the Chrome browser and have installed the free extension (by Google). However we will hopefully see this expanded to more browsers and possibly even become an extensionless feature in the future.

One thing to note is that, currently, not all sites will show the bar. If no relevant content can be found it will not be shown. In spite of this, Google has said they are working to improve their coverage of all websites.

Here's a handy video showing you the main features of Google Related


The Google Related site

Download the Google Related extension (only for chrome)