Google Music Beta - Open For Invites


Google Music Beta - Open For Invites

All of your friends using the new Google Music Beta service? Felling left out? Well wait no longer! Existing Google Music Beta users can now invite 2 people. Yes, 2 invites aren't a lot but hopefully if you're waiting to get onto the service now's your chance.

You can find (or tell your friends to find) the invite button conveniently located right beneath the Google Music Beta logo in the top left hand corner of the webpage. Hit the button and type in the email address or addresses of the people you want to invite, it's that simple.

Undoubtedly we will see these invites go up for sale on the internet just like with Google+.

One thing to note is that some people are saying that only US users can invite send invites, let alone see the invite button. However for me this seems not to be the case, I am a UK user and can both see and use the invite button. Then again, isn't Google Music Beta meant to be US only anyway?

So remember, don't be surprised if your friends claim not to have the button to invite you. Alternatively they may be lying and have already invited someone else.


Click to visit Google Music Beta site to invite your friends.