Giveaway - Google Music Beta!


Giveaway - Google Music Beta!

Still waiting to try out Google's music streaming service? Google not sending you an invite? Recently we published an article stating that Google's online music streaming service 'Google Music Beta' was now open to invites from existing users. In fact we are giving away 2 invites right here!

Entering the prize draw is easy:

- Tweet this post or your favourite article on Ultralinx

- Post a comment to why you think you deserve one of the invites

- In your comment make sure to include your Twitter username so we can see what you tweeted

- The two winners will be chosen at completely random

- You have 2 weeks! (until August 17th 2011)


The service is currently exclusive for US only, however some non-US users have been using the service. If you win an invite (or are invited by a friend) and it says you are not in the US it is recommended you try a US based proxy.