How To Enable Preview Pane In Gmail


How To Enable Preview Pane In Gmail

If you use both Gmail and a desktop email client you've probably seen a few differences. One major difference is the time saving 'preview pane'.

If you don't know the preview pane splits your email client into 3 sections, your shortcuts and folders, inbox and the pane. The preview pane allows you to view an email without actually opening it, thus meaning you can simultaneously view your inbox and an email thread at the same time.

How to enable the pane in Gmail

How to enable preview pane in Gmail though Gmail Labs
  1. Log into Gmail
  2. Go to your 'Mail Settings' by pressing the cog icon  in the to right hand corner of the window and selecting from the drop down
  3. Select the 'Labs Tab'
  4. Find the experiment called 'Preview Pane' by Peter B and Michael K
  5. Hit enable - save changes
  6. Return to your inbox and bask in your new more efficient Gmail

Some settings

  • If you want to disable this temporarily you needn't go back to your labs settings, just press the button found just above the preview pane and the pane will disappear. Press again for it to return.
  • Using the same method you can switch the pain to be below you inbox instead of next to it. Press the arrow next to the button and select horizontal split. If you want to change back, simply choose vertical split.