Beginners Guide To Android: Keyboards

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As mentioned in earlier beginner guides, you can change and adapt your Android device in many different ways compared to Windows Phone 7 and iPhone. Another great feature which Android enables is the ability to have replacement keyboards.

If you’re device has Android 2.3 on it you will get the Gingerbread keyboard which is no way bad at all, it is a great keyboard which does the job. The same goes for a device pre-loaded with HTC Sense. But for those who have not got Android 2.3 they may still be rocking the old out dated keyboard that comes with Android.

Having a replacement keyboard can bring many benefits to your Android device such as better word prediction, bigger buttons, adaptive dictionary…etc.

The two main keyboards I have found that are very popular within the Android community are Swype and Swiftkey.


Personally my favourite keyboard is Swype. The idea behind Swype is literally swiping across the letters to produce the word you want. For example if you want to type the word “UltraLinx”, you first tap on the letter U and then swipe to all the letters in the word “UltraLinx” without lifting your finger off the keyboard. It is a great way to type words very very quickly.

You can adjust settings for the keyboard such as how accurate you want the swiping to be. You can also add your own custom words which don’t come up in the English dictionary.

The video below shows how Swype works and the motion needed to produce words. In the video the person is typing very slow however. Once you get the hang of swiping you can bang out words and sentences in no time.

SwiftKey X

The other favourite is Swiftkey X. Swiftkey is a standard keyboard with some neat features. Features such as “the new version of TouchType’s advanced Fluency language inference engine… the world’s most accurate prediction and correction technology” which definitely makes it stand out from the crowd.

It learns your typing style and what words you use most the more you use it. It even goes as far predicting the next word you will type before you have even entered the first letter of the word.

You can get a very in-depth look at Swiftkey X here.

Both keyboards are very different from each other, each having their own unique features and selling points. I definitely recommend trying out both keyboards first before jumping to a conclusion.

How To Switch Your Android Keyboard To A Custom One

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