BBC App Produces Signal Survey


BBC App Produces Signal Survey

Last month, the BBC launched an Android application that could track mobile reception. More than 44,000 people downloaded the application to help the BBC with their signal survey. Hundreds of different types of devices from the Southern Tip of Cornwall to the Shetland Islands took part in the survey. Over forty-two million locations- each of up to two hundred square meters- were surveyed to produce the data.

The results of the survey showed that people have 3G signal around one quarter of the time. This does not match the results of networks own coverage maps however. Even in the centre of some large cities, a mobile data connection could not be established. The highest concentrations of 3G notspots were in North Wales and Cumbria.

With 4G technology being used in America, it really does seem that the UK is behind. If we are to gain better coverage, competition between mobile networks will have to heat up. Signal doesn't seem to be the networks' priority at the moment; value for money is. I just hope they don't forget that even one million minutes are no use with no connection.

You can see the interactive Check Your Coverage map on the BBC News website, here.