Android Now In Your Watch by WIMM

A new startup called WIMM is trying out the concept of having little Android devices which can be used as watches, necklaces or just a little companion. The company itself is not actually selling any watches as such, it is instead building the little Android devices for other third party manufacturers.

Each device will have specs such as:
– Google Android OS
– Processors, storage, gps, bluetooth, WiFi, accelerometer and other features which you would typically see in your phone
– 1.4″ monochrome LCD display which turns into colour when you touch it.

As you may expect the devices will be quite big so having something so big on your wrist may be awkward but the current style at the moment is big “look at me” watches so I don’t think it would be much of an issue.

There is such a big list of possible uses for something like this. Such as health apps, tracking how far you have run in what time, remote control functions, weather, news alerts, text messages…etc.

I really like the concept of it and how it could be used in every day life situations. It would be a little companion for your Android phone and could actually push forward the idea NFC even more.

Would you buy a WIMM?

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