Android Trojan Allows Calls to be Recorded



An Android application, recently discovered by security experts and researchers, has been found to be able to record calls and send them to malicious hackers. The app uses the System Messages and other permissions to record all calls and save them along with timestamps to the SD card of the device where they can be accessed later by the hackers.

One expert said; "This Trojan is more advanced as it records the conversation itself in 'amr' format . Also it has many other malicious activities that we have seen in many of the earlier malware incidents targeted for Android platform." Other details of the calls- such as timestamps and telephone numbers- are logged  in a text file on the SD card which can also be transmitted to the hackers.

While this may seem to be a great problem, there have been fewer than ten cases of the malware reported. It has even been confirmed that the application is unavailable in the Android Market despite its name being withheld for security reasons. Suddenly you can sleep at night knowing your calls almost certainly have not been recorded- for now.

As Android is open-source software it can be more easily exploited than other platforms such as iOS. Android is rapidly increasing its share of the mobile market and attracting more developers, but unfortunately, hackers are also being drawn to it. This means users have to be increasingly aware of the dangers of applications and other malicious files that could harm their device or endanger their documents. It really does seem like 2011 is the year of mobile malware and with the increasing dangers I would expect to see more complex anti-virus and security applications on Android and other mobile platforms in the near future.

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