Youtube Cosmic Panda Experiment

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Youtube Cosmic Panda Experiment

A statement, released on Thursday, on the official Youtube blog announced a new 'testube' experimental service: Youtube Cosmic Panda.

Well what is Cosmic Panda? Cosmic Panda is a brand new way to surf Youtube vidoes, playlists and channels. Some of the most fundamental changes include the myriad of new video and channel editing tools which will provide video sharers and viewers alike with a much more flexible experience.

Good news for Google Chrome users, you can now watch a video while navigating to other parts of the site!

It seems that with the recent Google Search  UI overhaul, Google is venturing into their other products such as Gmail and Youtube. Lets just hope this slick redesign will soon become permanent. Also note, if you have any feedback a blue button has been handily placed on the left hand side of the page.

Click to test drive the Youtube Cosmic Panda experiment or read the Youtube blog announcement about Cosmic Panda