How To Stream Music Wirelessly From Your PC to Android


How To Stream Music Wirelessly From Your PC to Android

Currently there are many ways to stream music to your Android device, Spotify, Mspot and of course Google Music Beta, all save your phones precious limited memory. However these services all require either a paid subscription or you taking the time to upload all your music to their server, and there is usually a data cap for the amount of songs you can upload. That's where Skifta's free service comes in to use.

Skifta's free service allows you to stream all the music (it also does photos and videos too) from your Windows or Mac computer to your Android phone. The process is in two stages: Stage 1 setting up the computer and Stage 2 setting up the app to function correctly with the computer.

Stage 1

On Windows:

  1. Go the Skifta website (see links at the end of the post) and download & install the desktop application.
  2. Launch the application, and follow through with sign up process by giving your computer a name and creating a username an password.
  3. Open Windows Media Player (version 12 is recommended). Make sure that all your music is in Windows Media Player. This can be done through dragging and dropping or by heading to 'Organise>Manage Libraries'(you can even add your whole iTunes folder through organise).
  4. Head over to the 'Stream' menu and select 'turn on media streaming' and also 'Allow remote control of my player', make sure to press allow.
  5. Also in the stream menu now enable 'Turn on Media streaming'
  6. Go to the 'Network and Sharing centre', press 'Change advanced settings' and turn on network discovery: this allows your Android device to detect the computer on the network.

On Mac:

  1. It is recommended by Skifta that you use XMBC, a general purpose media player that does not have the sharing limitations of iTunes. Download XMBC at their website (in the links)
  2. Launch XMBC, go to music and then select iTunes (on the right hand side of the screen) and then 'Import my iTunes library'. This process will not actually duplicate any songs, it just makes them show up in the media player.
  3. One finished press escape (on your keyboard) to return to the menu.
  4. Select Network and then UPnP settings. Enable 'Enable UPnP server' and 'Autostart UPnP client'.
  5. Finally  while still on the UPnP settings select 'Manage UPnP XXXX Shares' (replacing XXXX with music, video or photo as required) and select iTunes from the popup dialog, and then OK.

Stage 2

  1. Download Skifta from the Android Market
  2. Select 'Choose Media Source' and head over to 'Remote'. You now need to enter the username and password you created for your computer whilst setting up the desktop client. Once signed in, your computer should appear, select it and then your library.
  3. Go to 'Choose Player' and select your Android device, let it establish a connection.
  4. Now select 'Browse and play your media' it will let you do just that!

Click to download the Skifta desktop client (Windows and Mac)
Click to download the XMBC Media player for Windows, Mac and Linux
Click to download Skifta in the Android Market