Quick Event for Android

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Quick Event for Android

Years ago, I read an article about two professionals who managed their schedules using comparatively different methods. One used a traditional paper-and-pen organizer while the other made use of a Palm Pilot. With the advent of Google Calendar and other cloud-based calendar apps, users can now make changes to their calendar knowing that every entry is safely sent up to the cloud- the issue of losing the only physical copy of a planner has become a problem of the past. One of my favorite features of Google Calendar is the Quick Event function that lets you type something like this:

"Meet Robert tomorrow @ Starbucks 9am"

and have it automatically formatted to a calendar entry with the precise location, time, and subject filled in.

Similarly, the Quick Event app available for Android devices allow you to do the same. This immensely simplifies your job of adding a new calendar entry. Instead of opening up the Calendar app, hitting Menu > More > New Event and painstakingly fill in every detail, Quick Event allows you to quickly and effortlessly create a new calendar event. You can also opt to create an event by using a voice command.

The free version comes without a widget, and I remedied this by setting the app to launch on a swipe of my dock using LauncherPro.


Quick Event- Android Market