Oxygen ROM for HTC Desire, The Most Stable ROM Ever?

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When I applied the Oxygen ROM by AdamG on my HTC Desire I thought I may as well carry out a test and find out if I can get my device uptime to over 1000 hours. This is actually quite a difficult task to carry out because some devices start to function weirdly when their uptime reaches a certain time.

Oxygen ROM for HTC Desire, The Most Stable ROM Ever?

Apps, settings, text messaging and typing are some of the things which would not function properly on other ROMs so it meant I had to reboot my device regularly, every two or three days.

Sometimes my device would reboot randomly without any notice and this was a huge pain because it always happens at the moment where you need your device the most, moments such as navigating with maps or within a call.

I needed a ROM which I could use on a daily basis without having any troubles and without having to go through the hassle of rebooting it regularly. Ever since using Oxygen v2.1.3 my device hasn't had any problems what so ever. Everything is working completely fine and there have been no problems at all.

I hit the 1000 hour mark, as you can see from the picture. That is just over 41 days without my phone turning off once.

However I did have Chuck Norris as my background, think it helped ;)