How To Move Your Facebook Photos To Google Plus

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How To Move Your Facebook Photos To Google Plus

So, you and your friends have just migrated to the new Google+ service from Facebook, you have lots of photos you want to share with your Google+ friends to see, both new and old. However what if you don't have the originals to upload any more and you don't wish to partake in the laborious, time consuming task of downloading the photos from Facebook. Fortunately there are two easy ways to help you migrate your Facebook photos over to your new Google+ profile.

1. Use the built in information downloader in Facebook: Log in to Facebook, click 'Account> Account settings>Download Information'. Facebook will email you a link with all of your information, including your uploaded images. After unzipping the file navigate to the 'photos' folder where you will find your photos. Please note though the email link may takes a few days to be generated and  emailed to you.

2. Use the Pic&Zip Facebook app. All you have to do is log into Facebook and allow the service to access your profile. Go to 'find my photos' and then download them. Unlike the built in Facebook feature Pic&Zip allows you also download photos you are tagged in.

When uploading photos to Google+ you will still have to do each album manually: unfortunately there is no way to upload multiple albums at once.