LG D2000 Glasses Free 3D TV

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LG D2000 Glasses Free 3D TV

Like many, you may be excited about the future of television, namely a three dimensional aspect. However with 3D TV come the dorkey, inconvenient and costly glasses. That's where the LG D2000 20inch TV becomes especially appealing.

The D2000 uses technology based around a a 'stereoscopic screen filter' which can adjust to suit your viewing position thanks to the eye tracking webcam, built into the bezel (the same technology as in the Qosmio F750 Gaming Notebook). On the other hand this may be a drawback as only one viewer will be able to see the 3D content at a time.

Apparently other screens that use similar technology, such as laptops from Asus and Toshiba, provide results on par or even better than those of passive 3D glasses. However the results may appear blurred in comparison to the active shutter glasses system, common on current 3D TV.

The d2000 can even convert 2D images into 3D on the fly,  the first glasses free 3D screen that has been able to do this.

The D2000 will be released in Korea later this month and in other markets later in the year. Hopefully this means we will see it in western markets. Pricing is estimated to be equivalent to $1,200 or £750.