Google Pool Party for Android

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Google Pool Party for Android

Since Google's acquisition of social application company, 'Slide', last year we haven't seen all that much from the partnership.

However some mysterious invites have surfaced for an Android app called 'Pool Party', made by Slide. In essence Pool Party is a social photo sharing app, where select multiple users upload all their photos taken on their Android phone into a single 'pool'. This allows for all members of the group to view everyone else's pictures instantly. People in the pool can comment on the images and receive notifications, aligned in a single sleek activity monitor.

This app is probably most useful for those who go on group holidays or days out with friends (or a have a pool party) and want to share all their photos amongst the group: the sharing process is easier with multiple contacts than other services such as Facebook, Twitter and of course email. The only limitation is the fact that currently the app is Android exclusive. With the iPhone 4 becoming the most popular camera on Flickr recently this may limit the services popularity and usefulness.

Possibly one of the most notable features of Pool Party is its design.The app features a strikingly similar design on the recent Google+ application, a simple tool bar at the top, allowing for a large amount of screen real estate for the content, in this case your photos.

Currently Pool Party is invite only (more Google+ esque tactics?). However you can request an invite at Pool Party's website.

Click to request an invite at the Pool Party website

Click to visit the market page and download Pool Party from the Android Market