The Font Game for iOS

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The Font Game for iOS

Do you want to play a game? But you're not that fond (pun intended) of action games? You get a fontgasm each time you see the lovely typography we post over here? Then this is the app for you.

The Font Game is - as the name suggests - a game where you have to "guess" what font the application shows you.

Or as the makers themselves describe the game:

The Font Game for iOS

It’s you versus 30 font samples in a battle of wits and willpower. Scale in, scour the details, analyze the names, and make your choice—but beware! The clock is ticking. There’s no time limit, but the faster your fingers and the sharper your senses, the higher your total score. Was the last round a walk in the park? Up the ante with a new level of difficulty.

I tested the game out and I simply adored the looks of the game. Too bad I actually seem to suck at guessing the right font. Nevertheless I had a good time trying to get at least one font right. You have the possibility to tweet your score, but mine wasn't actually noteworthy. Tip: at the end of the game you can see the answers. You can look at this as a great way to discover new fonts!

Also included in the application is a game called 'The Terminology Game'. This is a bit harder if you aren't a native English speaker since it relies on specific terminology not everyone knows. On the other hand, this could be a great way to learn these things.

The Font Game is 1,99$. A bit too much for this kind of game if you ask me. On the other hand: this is a darn good looking one. Want to try it out? You can get it here.