Featured Workspace by Wm Robinette

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Featured Workspace by Wm Robinette

William took matters into his own hands and built his very own workspace instead of forking out for a brand new one.

Here is his description:

I had an Ikea loft bed for ages and cut the bed part down to normal waist hight and then was left with the bottom legs/cross-braces . A trip to Lowes and about $100 got me a nice piece of 4'x8' birch plywood, some 1"x4" pieces of whitewood, screws, and some stain.

After a day with a jigsaw, circular saw, drill, and sander I had a platform that provides a lot of work surface area, has an audio mixer and audio outboard built in and keeps all the cables hidden from view.

If people are looking for a workspace I would always suggest trying to build your own. You get exactly what you want for a small sum of money, and a fun project to work on!

If you're good with your DIY skills you may as well give something like this a try. Using old unused materials within your house can save you a lot of money and will also mean that nothing goes to waste.