How To Create A Custom Google Plus URL

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How To Create A Custom Google Plus URL

If you are one of the many who are trying out Google + and leaving Facebook, you may miss the feature in which your profile URL can include your name or any other combination of words and numbers you want. This feature makes it really easy to share your profile with friends and peers, without them searching for you, or you wasting your time by reciting a string of seemingly random characters.

Google+ doesn't currently have this feature, but the guys at '' have made you a simple workaround.

Simply enter your Google+ ID number into their site, it can be found in your profile URL: it will probably look something like this ''. Complete the process by entering what you want your custom URL you want, for example your name, nickname, favourite colour etc. Be warned though, many popular options will already be taken and once you have created your URL you can not change it, so choose wisely. Also I advise you create yourself a custom URL before your friends make one for you, otherwise you may be stuck with a less than desirable URL.

Navigating to your custom URL is easy. It's simply ''. For example ''. One more thing to note is that the product is not endorsed by Google so thing may break in the future. Aside from that, this is one feature I would like to see built into Google Plus.

Click to generate your own custom Google+ profile URL over at