Beginners Guide To Android: Wallpaper & Icons

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A series where I will post basic beginner guides to Android. There will be guides coming out regularly so keep up with UltraLinx by following us on Twitter or Facebook. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below.

Probably one of the most basic things you can do when you get your Android device is to change the wallpaper. It will add a different and personal look to your device.

You can find wallpapers anywhere on the internet, there is literally an unlimited supply. I keep my own collection of wallpapers which you can find here - UltraLinx Wallpaper Collection (you will need to be a registered user to download the wallpapers).

Here is one of my own setups:

Beginners Guide To Android: Wallpaper & Icons

As you can see my Android screenshots look very different to what you may see on your Android device when you first purchase one.

I also have custom text icons instead of the picture icons which you will usually see. When using a custom launcher such as "LauncherPro" applying custom icons is easy. (We will get onto custom launchers later on in the series). You can also apply custom icons by using apps such as Desktop Visualizer or BetterCut.

You can find custom icons all over the internet. I have my own set of custom icons which you find here - UltraLinx Android Store

You may be thinking my setup you see there is very complicated but it is not at all. I have found a lot of people over complicate things when it comes to Android when it is very basic stuff. We will get onto how to achieve a setup like mine later on in the series.