Aiaiai Headphones

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Aiaiai Headphones

Recently I was looking for some new headphones, that's when I discovered 'Aiaiai', a Danish company that specialise in headphones but also manufacture a few other products.

What really stood out to me were the headphones minimal design, usually only comprising of a few vibrant colours; no silly silver accents or glossy black. The colours fit well together  and give each pair of headphones both style and wearability. We also see some other interesting design features such as coiled wire (old telephone style), memory foam earbuds and Apple iPod remotes, for playing, pausing and skipping songs.As far as earbuds go, the headphones come with many pairs, one foam coloured pair and 5 other silicone styles. For on ear headphones I believe just one set of pads is included. The carefully selected aesthetic features are what turns these headphones into a piece of design work.

However in spite of the minimalistic appearance the interior workings are supreme. On the pair of 'in ear' style headphones I bought, the sound quality and bass levels exceeded those of my similarly priced Sennheisers.

The packaging for the headphones is also contemporary, my 'in ears' coming in a perspex cylinder (printed with headphone specs, a 'quick manual' and company information) with storage space for earbuds at either end. On ear headphones come a in a slim and stylish box

Of course such quality in design will come at a price, I purchased my set of headphones for £50 but the TMA-1's (designed for DJ and studioo use) sell for about £170. Nevertheless  even if you are not interested in headphones, I would suggest their products for inspiration.

Click here to visit Aiaiai's website and product range also look out for my full written review of the 'Aiaiai Y-Model  Earphone' which will be coming soon.