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The Slow Death Of The iPod Classic


Smartwatches – Bubble or Brilliance?


Amazon’s Purchase of the Washington Post and its Effect on Journalism

iPhone Getting Bigger, iPad Getting Smaller. What is Actually the Trend?

iPhone 5

Apple’s Timid Steps Forward: The Carrying Capacity Of Innovation?

DoubleTwist Alarm Clock 1

An Android Design Process, Including DoubleTwist’s Alarm Clock

Apple 8086604

US Patent Law & Apple Make an Evil Team | Opinion

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Will the new Microsoft Surface tablet be able to take on the iPad?

Windows 8 on Mac

Where Microsoft Went Wrong With Metro

Macbook Pro Retina

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Macbook Pro With a Retina Display…Yet


On Start-ups: Flying Without Wings

Smartphone updates are hard to come by ...

Finding & Staying on the Bleeding Edge of Mobile – The Almost Impossible Dream

Android App Design

Apps on Android – wait, what?

HTC Sense

AOSP, Sense, Google Play – what’s it all mean?

Google Plus

#Whitespace is the Future of Google Plus


The State of Android Updates – And How To Improve It

Google Play Banner

The Google Play Dream

The New iPad

The New iPad – In Detail

Ubuntu Book

Becoming an Ubuntu User


Tech Companies: My Favourites