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Google Currents

Google Currents Updated; now Complies With Holo Guidelines

Flipboard for Android

Flipboard For Android Officially Released

Windows 8 on Mac

Where Microsoft Went Wrong With Metro


Instapaper for Android Review

Android App Design

Apps on Android – wait, what?

HTC Sense

AOSP, Sense, Google Play – what’s it all mean?


The State of Android Updates – And How To Improve It

Google Play Banner

The Google Play Dream


Tech Companies: My Favourites


Announcements From MWC

Google Drive Logo

My Google Drive Dream

Google Docs for Android Gets Huge Update; Fully Fledged Editing

Linux Wallpaper

Linux – The Awesome OS Nobody’s Heard Of

Google Motorola

What Could Google Do With Motorola?

iPad 2 Hand

The Mobile Industry As We Know It