UltraLinx Rebrand & Relaunch

You’ve probably been wondering why the site hasn’t been updated in a while and there’s a few reasons.

  1. We wanted to take a break from publishing content. We’ve been publishing new content for nearly 10 years now with new content every week day.
  2. We wanted to reimagine and rework UltraLinx as a brand and as a content website.
  3. We wanted to focus our content strategy.

My focus on the site has wained quite a bit in the past few years as I’ve focused on other businesses like my client work, my store and my YouTube channel.

The site also doesn’t generate me a ton of cash anymore, not like it used to. I actually currently run it at a loss! I don’t mind but obviously it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time on something that loses money.

First of all I want to introduce the new logo and brand refresh. The previous logo I felt like was getting a bit stale and I really wanted to give it a new modern and luxury look. I didn’t want to go overboard with a fancy icon and a complete custom rebrand as I want the brand to be very flexible, as it has been ever since I launched it. It will naturally evolve over time.

Click to download this wallpaper. 5120×2880.
Click to download this wallpaper. 5120×2880.

Going forward we will continue updating the website but we’ll be phasing out content that wasn’t previously that popular and introducing other types of content. I’ll also be posting all of my own content here instead of my personal blog.

  1. Thank god you’re back!
    The redesign is brilliant.
    What’s with the minimal interior design inspiration in the future?

  2. nice rebrand man i remember coming to this website for android setups coming from xda still 1 of the best sites out

  3. Hope the site still continues. I’m still waiting for the minimalist wallpapers and tech articles. More power and stay safe!

  4. FINALLY! I was wondering what happened to ULTRALINX. Nice to see you back Oliur! Much love from germany.

  5. Always been a longtime fan of the site. Wallpapers, architecture, minimalism, and deals. what else could possibly be included? Your transparency has been much appreciated! You can always use a donation option to contribute to the website if you are integrating more content!

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