10 Awesome Businesses You Can Start On Your Computer

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Always wanted a business of your own? Now you can do it, and you can do it today. The Internet has made all things easier: food deliveries, communication, learning, entertainment and so much more.

But it has also changed how businesses work: how are they started, developed and grown. Many businesses are started online nowadays and the older ones have to adapt and appear online as well. Because otherwise no one will know about them and won’t buy their products or services. 43% of ecommerce traffic comes from Google now – so each business has to think and worry about SEO as well.

If you lack ideas what could your online business be about – here is a list of 10 business ideas you can start online.

Travel Blog

People love to travel – at least most of them do. If you happened to be one, there is so much you can get back from your travels – you could become an influencer, a vlogger, YouTuber, or you can start a travel blog where you will promote certain products or services you use while you travel. Use web forms for your blog to know what your readers would like to read about next.

Email Marketing

One of the most important forms of marketing is email marketing. This is the only way we can reach out to our client if they haven’t visited our website for a long time when we want to present a new product, service or offer to them. To track results from each of your email marketing campaigns, use the best alternative for mailchimp – you’ll know what’s effective and what’s not.

Teach Languages

Teaching online is much more profitable than teaching in a classroom or in private sessions. It’s this way because when you create online courses, you invest your time in the creation process, but you save a lot of it when you sell the same language course to 100 people instead of doing classes every day.

Graphic Design

If Photoshop or similar programs and tools are familiar to you, you might consider an online career of a graphic designer. You could work on your own, or join several projects, teams or even corporations. A great place to find a project is 48hourslogo – also a great way to advertise yourself and let people know about you.

SEO Specialist

Did you know that 43% of ecommerce traffic comes from Google? So if you are not Google, how people will learn about your business? That’s right, I doubt they will at all. Becoming a SEO specialist might require hard work and devotion, but if you’ll do it, you’ll win twice. Firstly, you will definitely always have plenty of work to do and clients to work with, secondly – you will optimize your business as well.

Online Coaching

One of the ways to help people develop is coaching. And in these modern times, why not do it online? You can start coaching in any field you feel like, but your promotion and brand awareness will grow much faster if your entire business will be online. Just think about it – what amount of already prepared content you will be able to sell.

Create a Specialized E-Store

To focus more on details and deliver the best possible product, set your target on something very specific and become a true specialist of this product. It could be anything that crosses your mind: original ties, special brushes for animals, drones for specific climatic conditions – you name it. A tool like nobly will help you analyze your performance on the shop. To become and stay a pro, you can watch videos about e-commerce secrets from YouTube, do it offline and enjoy content in other languages if you download youtube subtitles.

Freelance Writing

Content creation is something that’s on high demand at the moment and it will probably stay like this for quite a while. You will probably need some amazing images for your articles, luckily there is a launched Focused Collection with amazing content. By starting as a freelance writer you can choose many career paths afterward – you can start your own agency or even become a journalist.


Are there any other languages that you can speak and write very well? If so, then you should really use your skills – the knowledge of other languages is something many businesses are looking for. It could be for website, document, and any other kind of translations.

Virtual Assistant

It’s a perfect online business for anyone who has another job or is studying. This can be seen as an additional job, but you can also make it an attention-worthy business. Ask a few friends to join you and create a website where a client can choose a remote virtual assistant for certain digital tasks.