27 iOS Tips & Tricks You Never Knew Existed

You can use a device or its software for years and not know its full capabilities – especially software as deep and capable as iOS. Reddit user u/di_no has put together a pretty extensive list of tips and tricks that you may not have known even existed. You can check out the original post here that includes extra tips in the comments.

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3D Touch

Let’s start with the basics, apart from 3D Touching any app for shortcuts, photos for peak and pop, links for a quick preview, or control centre toggles for more options, here are some more uses for it:

  • 3D Touch any folder with a badge on it to quickly jump into whatever app has notifications within that folder.
  • 3D Touch on any notification (lockscreen or notification centre) to quickly interact with it (if the app supports that).
  • 3D Touch on any tab in Safari to quickly preview that tab.
  • 3D Touch on the x button in the notification centre to dismiss all notifications.
  • 3D Touch on the keyboard for a cursor to precisely edit your text.
  • 3D Touch on the left side of the display for quick access to the app switcher (iPhone 6s,7,8 and their Plus counterparts only).
  • You have the ability to change the sensitivity of your 3D Touch by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch.

Home Screen

  • You can move multiple icons if you’re on IOS 11 (or higher) by going into wiggle mode, holding down an icon, and with your other hand select other icons by tapping on them.
  • Similarly, you can move icons between different pages by holding the icons in one hand, while swiping to a different page with your other hand.
  • If you swipe down anywhere on the homescreen you open up spotlight search, nothing new there, but, did you know that you can use it to do a quick calculation, a quick currency conversion, checking the weather and more, and you don’t have to type a full sentence to do so, you can just type “weather” and it will give you the weather based on your current location, similarily, you could type something like “350 usd” and it will automatically convert them to your currency – again, based on your current location, if, you would like to convert to another currency, then you can simply type “3 usd to cad” and it will work too.

General Tips

  • You can open a recently closed Safari tab by going into tab view, and holding on the + button.
  • You can choose to reload a website without content blockers by holding the refresh icon and selecting the option to do so.
  • Similarly, you can request a desktop version of the website by holding the same refresh icon and clicking on request desktop site.
  • You can close all tabs by holding on the tab view icon in Safari.
  • If you have any text copied and you want to look it up, go into Safari and hold the url bar, and you will get a “Paste and Search” button, and if the text happens to be a website, the button will be a “Paste and Go” one instead.
  • If you want to find text on a page in Safari, you can click the url bar, type the word that you want, and select the last option “On this page”.
  • You can search between your open tabs in Safari by clicking on your tab view, tapping the status bar or just scrolling all the way up, and then sliding down.
  • You can open a link in the background in Safari by tapping it with two fingers.
  • Ever had trouble opening control centre when you have a keyboard open? The solution is simple, simply pull up and hold from the bottom of the screen and voila.
  • Do you have multiple Wifi networks and your device is always connecting to the wrong one? You can prevent this from happening by going into Settings > Wifi, once there, tap the blue “i” next to the network that you DON’T want your device automatically connecting to, and turn off “Auto-Join”.
  • If you’re on a device other than the iPhone X and still wondering how to get notifications to only show up once you unlock the device, you can do so by going into Settings > Notifications > Show Previews and then select the option that says “When Unlocked”, now, notifications content will only be viewable by you, by simply resting your finger on your Touch ID sensor.
  • On IOS 11, you can enable Type to Siri by going into Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri and then enable Type to Siri.
  • If you use iMovie on your device and would like to export 60 fps videos, you can enable this by going to Settings then scrolling all the way down until you see iMovie, tap it and then from there you can enable 60 fps exports.
  • I only found out about this a few days ago, but if you would like to make the colors on your device pop more (I know I know Apple calibrates their devices to be color accurate, but it’s still nice to have as an option), to do so, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Color Filters, once there, enable Color Filters, and choose “Blue/Yellow Filter”, don’t forget to change your intensity settings at the very bottom, I find that anywhere from 5-15% is about perfect for me, personal preference.
  • Ever handed your phone to someone to show them a picture and then they suddenly feel like they’re on Tinder and keep swiping? You can prevent this with “Guided Access”, but it requires a bit of a setup for the first time. To do so, go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn that on, make sure to set a passcode for it, and enable the switch at the bottom “Accessibility Shortcuts”, once that’s done, leave and open any app, triple tap the home button and now you’re in guided access mode, click on Options and disable touch, I hope you’re still with me, the initial setup is done! Now whenever you want to hand your phone to someone you can simply triple click the home button to start a guided access session, and triple tap whenever they’re done, no more sneaking on your personal pictures.
  • If you ever find yourself in need of a bubble level, you have that built into your phone right in the compass app, simply open it and swipe to the right page.
  • If you want to delete multiple photos, go into the photos app, click select in the top right corner, and slide your finger across the pictures that you want to delete, you can select a lot of pictures really fast with this method, and then simply hit delete when you’re done.