iOS 9.3: Everything You Need To Know

iOS 9.3 has had a couple of beta releases in the past weeks, but Apple have now announced its official features and release so lets get into finding out whats new in the latest iOS.

  • Night Shift – If you’ve ever used f.lux on a jailbroken device, it’s pretty much that. Night Shift automatically turns the colours on your screen to a warmer shade at night time to help you sleep better. Also included is a new Control Center icon.
  • Notes now has optional password-protection, with the use of Touch ID.
  • The Apple news app now has top stories, editors picks and an updated algorithm.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have Car Play, you’ll notice a few new features.
  • The ridiculous 1970 bug has been fixed.
  • A whole host of new 3D Touch toggles have been added to Apple apps including settings, health, weather, app store, and more.

They are the main additions, if you want to see a complete break down, we recommend this video. iOS 9.3 is available as a free update now, so check it out. Is there anything you was hoping from the latest iOS that Apple didn’t deliver?