What’s New In OS X El Capitan

Apple’s OS X 10.11 El Capitan was announced at this year’s WWDC and has been designed around enhancing the overall experience and ease of using the new system. It builds on strong foundations of last years Yosemite release. developer previews are out now, with an official beta due for release in July.

So lets get into the facts that matter, what have Apple added in El Capitan that will make it such an improvement on Yosemite? We can take a look thanks to Imgur user Malstrom, who made a post about the changes he noticed.

Split Screen

Dragging one app on top of a full-screen app allows both to share the full-screen mode in a new mode called “Split View”.

Split View Adjustments

When you adjust the size of one side of the Split View, the other side is blurred out, allowing you to focus.

New Button Styling

Instead of the completely flat white (#ffffff) buttons of Yosemite, El Capitan’s buttons have a nice, subtle white gradient on them that makes them fit in better with their gradient toolbar background.

New Mission Control

As far as I can tell, the only things they really changed here is not blurring the desktop wallpaper, minimizing the windows up top to just labels, and removing the icons on the window previews. They also added a nice new animation to adding a new desktop.

Expanded Mission Control Desktop Previews

Upon mousing up to the new Mission Control top bar, it expands to give you a full preview image of all of your desktops.

Option in System Preferences To Auto-Hide The Menu Bar

New Interface For Deleting Apps In Launchpad

The “are you sure you want to delete” dialogue now appears in the lower left corner of the screen instead of as a pop-up, right below the “X” for the app.

Weather And Stocks Search In Spotlight

Swipe To Delete In Mail

Pinned Tabs In Safari

New WebKit Video Player And AirPlay

Mute Tabs

Responsive Design Mode

You can now enter “Responsive Design Mode” in Safari (+⌥+R), allowing you to look at all the different screen types and sizes for a website within your browser window.

Transit Directions In Maps

Redesigned Disk Utility

Via Imgur