The Best Android Wear Apps Available Right Now

Now that there’s a shiny new Android Wear smartwatch sitting on your wrist, you’re probably wondering what you can do with it. Quite a lot, actually.

The Apple Watch may be getting all the attention recently, but Google’s wearable platform continues to grow and impress with number of available features, especially since the announcement of Google M.

We’ve prepared a list of 10 great applications that you can download on your Android Wear device right now. Many of them are completely free so don’t be afraid to give them a whirl.

Note: Apps are in no particular order.

Google Camera

Google Camera for Android Wear is basically the same app that you’ve installed on your Android smartphone or tablet. The only difference is added functionality, which allows you to use your smartwatch as a camera remote. Pull out your phone, launch camera, and tap the button on your watch to capture the photo. That’s it!

Google Play Music

Control music directly from your wrist. Google Play Music lets you play, pause, and skip tracks that are currently being played on your Android smartphone or tablet. The functionality is rather limited now, but it’s promised to get better in the future. The app looks great, so we don’t mind.


Your ultimate personal trainer app has finally arrived on Android Wear. The times when you had to pull out your phone every time you wanted to check the time are long gone. Thanks to Endomondo, you can save your favourite running tracks and share your results.


What’s that song? Tap your wrist and find out. TrackID for Android Wear is the fastest and most reliable way to identify a track.

 BPM Wear

Simple and useful, BPM Wear brings tempo measuring to your wrist. The app features an elegant interface, which makes it incredible easy for athletes to measure their heart rate after an intensive sport session.

Wear Audio Recorder

When meeting a client, every word matters. If your interlocutor doesn’t mind, you can easily record your conversation. Download Wear Audio Recorder and start recording the sound in the blink of an eye. All recordings are automatically sent to your phone, where they can be managed and edited.


WearResponses is a simple app that allows you to set custom responses to text messages. Imagine you receive a text message, but you cannot reply at that moment. WearResponses can automatically inform the sender that you’re in a meeting or driving. Simple, yet very useful.


Let’s be honest – how many times did you leave your phone at home? With Pear, it will not happen again. This gorgeous little app knows when your phone is too far away from your smartwatch and sends a notification. It works in both ways, so if you forget your smartwatch, Pear will let you know as well.

Toggles Wear

Turn off Wi-Fi, data connection, ringer mode, and Bluetooth with this great app for Android Wear. It’s very easy to use and allows you to flip many different toggles on your phone. It comes in handy when your hands are busy or you are away from your phone. Toggles Wear supports various toggles, including torch and volume.

Wearable Widgets

Wearable Widgets is a true all-in-one application for your Android Wear smartwatch. It brings your favourite widgets to your wrist, allowing you to check the time and weather, browse Google Keep notes, and see available W-Fi connections without launching any other app.

If you recommend any other video players for Android, be sure to leave them in the comments below and we may add them to the post.