Top 10 Smartwatches Available Right Now

With the release of the Apple Watch, the last few months have brought a huge growth in the popularity of not just Apple’s newest wearable, but smartwatches in general. From the gorgeous Moto 360 to Samsung’s curious-looking Gear series, the choice is getting more and more difficult for every first-time smartwatch buyer.

If you’re thinking about getting a wearable device for your wrist, look no further. We’ve picked ten smartwatches that we think are the best around right now. They all look and work differently, which is why we hope that you will find something that will perfectly suit your needs.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the world’s most famous smartwartch. Designed by Apple as a stylish companion for your iPhone, this little device can notify you about an upcoming call or unread texts as well as track your health and send the most personal message of all – your heartbeat.

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Motorola Moto 360

This is the smartwatch that started it all. Long before the Apple Watch was unveiled, Motorola announced the Moto 360 – probably the most beautiful smartwatch on the market. It comes with an almost perfectly round display, a built-in pedometer, a heart rate monitor, and Android Wear operating system that allows you to interact with notifications and launch various apps directly on your wrist.

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LG Watch Urbane

The Watch Urbane is LG’s most stylish smartwatch. It has a premium look and top-tier specs that make it a perfect choice for every technology nerd who spends most of his time in a suit. Similarly to Moto 360, the Watch Urbane is based on Android Wear and can run various applications.

Samsung Gear S

Samsung’s latest experiment, the Gear S, is a premium smartwatch that features a curved screen. Instead of Android, it runs Samsung’s own operating system called Tizen. It looks and feels like any other smartwatch software and lets you check the time, make and receive phone calls, and manage notifications pushed from your phone.

Sony Smartwatch 3

If premium-looking smartwaches are not your thing, try the Smartwatch 3 from Sony. It’s available in shiny metal, but its most basic version comes with rubber casing. Thanks to its advanced fitness tracking capabilities and durable construction, the Smartwatch 3 can be a tempting alternative to most modern health monitors.

Asus ZenWatch

Its high-quality leather band and metal casing are the two things that the ZenWatch is best known for. The device works like any other Android Wear smartwatch, allowing you to check the time with a flip of your wrist, see notifications pushed from your phone, and install various apps – many of which are exclusive to Android Wear platform.

Pebble Steel

Pebble Steel is a premium version of the original Pebble smartwatch. Unlike most other devices on this list, it doesn’t have a high-resolution touch-sensitive display. Instead, it rocks an incredibly long battery life and an e-Ink screen, which makes it visible in direct sunlight. Pebble Steel comes with a metal envelope and bracelet.

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Pebble Time

As a long-awaited successor to the first Pebble smartwatch, the Time brings a few important improvements. It has a colour display and new operating system, which has been reengineered to help you make the most out of your smartwatch. Better specs did not ruin Pebble’s incredible battery that needs so little juice that you can easily go on a long business trip and leave your charger at home.

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Microsoft Band

Microsoft’s Band made this list, because it can tell you time. However, the device looks and works less like and smartwatch and more like an advanced fitness tracker. It can measure your heart rate, track your sleep, and count footsteps to help you improve your health and exercise more.

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Martian Notifier

Last, but not least, the Martian Notifier looks like a boring analog watch. It has a traditional face with Roman numerals and hands. However, there’s a tiny display at the bottom of it. That is where notifications appear. Connect the Notifier to your phone and enjoy seeing your notifications appear on your wrist.

Martian Notifier is probably the simplest version of a smartwatch. If you’re looking for something traditional that won’t distract you from more important things, go for this one.

Overall, the higher-end smartwatches don’t really differ that much from each other at the moment, software-wise. So if you’re still pondering about your first smartwatch purchase we urge you to go for a mix between what you think looks the best, and what you can afford. 9 times out of ten you’ll end up at the Moto 360.

Let us know in the comments what smartwatch you have and how you’re finding it. 

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