The Best Google Web Font Combinations

I’ve always found fonts to have their own personalities. You get the strong ones who always want your attention and the ones that are charming, elegant and understated.

Google has blessed web designers with hundreds of different web fonts to use completely for free. Now the only trouble with having hundreds of fonts is choosing which one you like!

I design websites and apps for a living so I use tons of different fonts on a daily basis in my designs. As I’m delivering all types of designs it’s important to choose fonts that match the style or mood.

Here are my favourite Google web font combinations. If you recommend any others be sure to leave them in the comments below!

Montserrat + Open Sans

Montserrat is easily one of the best fonts for headings. It has an awesome blocky look to it that commands attention and can look classy when used with lots of letter spacing.

I usually use Open Sans with Montserrat but it can also work with many other similar fonts such as Roboto or Helvetica Neue.

If you’ve ever seen my themes you’ll probably notice that I use Montserrat in a lot of them.

Playfair Display + Domine

If you’re looking for the ultimate classy combination, Playfair Display with Domine make a stunning pair. 

Playfair Display is perfect for big bold titles whilst Domine is ideal for copy for it’s very easy-to-read appearance.

You can also add Montserrat as a third font for little details if you wish.

Roboto + Noto Serif

This is a pretty generic and simple one but it works and is fit for lots of situations. Also with Roboto offering so many different weights it’s fantastic for all types of design.

Raleway + Roboto

When selling products it’s always a good idea to go with commanding fonts that are good at showing authority and security. I feel like Raleway and Roboto do just that. Both fonts come in an array of different weights but Raleway is fantastic when used solely in uppercase.

Those are some of my most used combinations but here’s a few others that I recommend.

Fjalla One + Open Sans

Karla + Domine

Oswald + Roboto

If you have any other font suggestions, make sure to put them in the comments below. I’ll also be updating this post regularly so make sure to come back.

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