15 UI Animation Tutorials

A new trend that has appeared in the past year is sharing animated GIFs of user interfaces that use awesome animations. They have become a very important part of user interface and user experience design. When used correctly, they can help a user navigate an app or website much more easily than a static site.

In this post we’ve listed 15 very useful animation tutorials that can help you bring your designs to life.

Photoshop’s Timeline Rocks

7 tips for designing awesome animated GIF’s

UI design presentations

Photoshop Animation Techniques

A Guide to Animated GIF’s in Email

Create Smooth UI Animations in Photoshop

Create an Animated Interface GIF in Adobe Photoshop


Loading Circle Animation Using Photoshop CS6

iOS7 UI Effects

Unfolding Animation in Adobe After Effects

After Effects: Animation, Pre-Compositing, and Nesting

Linear Function Expression

After Effects for Web Animation Prototypes

How to Create Infographics That Animate Themselves

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