Charming Pixel Art By Octavi Navarro

There’s no denying that pixel art is awesome. Through simplicity and vintage charm, it adds a new depth to artworks and graphics. Many people associate pixel art with their childhood and the good old times when they used to play adventure games on their Commodore 64 computer, which may be the reason why it is so commonly used in graphic design.

Pixel art is great for telling stories. If you know Eboy and their vibrant illustrations of cities, you know what I have in mind. Octavi Navarro, a painter from Barcelona, uses pixel art to create tiny, yet immersive worlds sunk into illustrations inspired by classic games that he played when he was 9 years old. They have the same look and feel, like little pieces of the past brought back to life with the artist’s talent.

If you like Navarro’s pixel art works, make sure to visit his Tumblr blog to see more.

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