22 Minimal Packaging Designs

Minimal packaging can portray elegance and refinement, purity and simplicity. It can demonstrate sophistication, or show off honest, quality ingredients, allowing the product itself to be the true star. Design is always one of the main attractive tools used by many companies and with these simplistic design, the product would be uniques.

Enjoy a little simplicity with our 22 most minimalistic package designs.

Selfridges Tea

 The Secret Keepers

 X Pen


Fire Fighter Vodka 

 Dell Vostro Boxes

 Simply Beautiful Spanish Honey

 Undercover Pinot Noir by Ampro


Jealous Sweets 

 Zen Perfume 


 Restored Water

 One-handed First Aid Kit


 Harry Bromptons

 5 Olive Oil


 Premium Water


Mr Black


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