Google Shows Off Cute Looking Self Driving Car

Google has been testing driverless cars for a while now, but they’ve usually been on already available cars on the market. Today Google has unveiled it’s very own car which it has designed and built from scratch.

This self driving car can operate autonomously without any human intervention. It doesn’t even have the standard controls you’d see in a normal car such as a steering wheel and pedals. All the sensors built into the car do all the work.

The car is very basic right now because Google want to start off small and make sure they get it in fully working order before adding any luxuries. Inside there really isn’t much apart from two seats and space for belongings. There is a screen which shows your route and a simple start and stop button.

Google’s ambition is to have these cars on the roads of California in the next couple of years. They most likely won’t be available to the mass market for another decade, but it’ll be interesting to see a few of those cute looking pods whizzing round the streets.