This Bentley Ad Was Filmed With iPhones, Edited On An iPad

This Bentley Ad Was Filmed With iPhones, Edited On An iPad

Mobile phones have reached a point when they’ve become not only means of communication, but also vital tools in many aspects of our life and work. With plenty of processing power and capable camera modules hidden in their tiny bodies, smartphones can replace heavier and more difficult to use devices in branches such as photography, engineering, medicine, and advertising.

Bentley, a renowned car manufacturer, decided to make use of technology that Apple’s mobile products offer to an extend that has surprised us greatly. The company shot an entire advertisement using an iPhone 5S and then put it together on an iPad Air. The video is incredible in terms of quality, montage, and composition. Hadn’t it been for the details provided on the making of the ad at the end of it, we’d never guess the spot wasn’t filmed with an expensive video camera.

Check out the ad below and enjoy both the power of modern technology and awesome luxury cars Bentley is known for.



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