65 Awesome Tutorials To Help You Master Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a leading tool when it comes to creating vector graphics. It offers plenty of powerful tools that graphic designers and illustrators use to draw logos, buttons, wallpapers, and pictures. These possibilities, however endless, come come at steep price as Illustrator is a very difficult software to learn.

However, if you are motivated and eager to donate more than a few hours of your time, we can help you learn Illustrator with all its incredible tools and effects. The list we’re presenting you with below consists of 100 awesome Adobe Illustrator tutorials, how-to’s, and step-by-step guides prepared by the best artists from all around the world.

From basic tools to detailed graphics to lettering, they will reveal the mysteries of Illustrator and teach you how to create beautiful things in no time. Have fun!

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For starters

The basics of the Illustrator interface

Features of the Illustrator Workspace

Adjusting interface brightness

How to work with Artboards


Essentials of the Pen and Pencil tools

Using the Blob Brush and Eraser tools

Creating objects with the Shape tools

Getting around the Appearance panel

Having fun with Illustrator’s Blend tool

Mastering the Live Trace feature

Live Trace is a great time-saving tool. Become friends with it by following this tutorial.

Using Patterns

How to use Smart Guides

Smart Guides are very helpful when you’re moving objects or designing a website.

Comprehensive guide to gradients

How to master the Stroke panel

Pathfinder: explained

Pathfinder is one of Illustrator’s most useful features. Learn how to master it by following this guide.

How to make a custom brush


Mastering Illustrator effects

Create a pearl brush from gradient meshes

Every girl loves pearls. While drawing these for your significant other, you may learn a lot about gradient meshes and other useful Illustrator tools.

Master dynamic gradient techniques

How to create a line-based vector portrait

Considerably simple step-by-step guide to drawing line-based vector portraits.

How to achieve a handmade print effect

Using the halftone effect


Draw a 3D wireless router

Draw a PlayStation controller

Draw yourself a PlayStation controller! This tutorial explains how to create a realistic gamepad in Illustrator and share many precious tips and tricks for creating vector graphics.

Create a realistic trash bin icon

Use polygons, 3D effects &gradients to draw an umbrella

Draw a 3D tablet and graph

Draw a search files icon

Illustrate an iron with gradients and shape tools

Drawing an iron may not sound particularly interesting, but this guide will teach you a thing or two about gradients and Illustrator’s shape tools.

Create sleek web ribbons

Draw textured decoration

Create a beautiful progress bar

Progress bars are a thing. Small in size, but huge in detail, they are one of the best way for a design to showcase his skills. Learn how to draw gorgeous progress bars by following this great tutorial.

Create a modern logo

Draw 3D buttons for your website or app

Illustrate a simple hanger

Create a gorgeous calendar interface

With this tutorial, you will learn how to design a beautiful calendar interface.

Design a colorful logo

Create a film slate icon

Use gradients and Bristle Brush tool to illustrate fantasy style potion bottles

Atmospheric and unique, these fantasy potion bottles can teach you a lot about Illustrator’s tools and gradients.

Draw a LUFT logo

Draw a cartoon house

Create an “Adventure Time” scene

Follow this guide to draw a scene from “Adventure Time” cartoon show and feel like an artist.

Ink a sketch with Illustrator’s brushes

Use vector linework to draw a ray gun

Learn to create colorful Paisley graphics

This tutorial will teach you how to create the colorful and distinctive Paisley-style graphics.

Draw a detailed cake

Design a retro triangular pattern

Draw a trendy geometric pattern that you can later use to create an awesome wallpaper for your phone or desktop.

Create an abstract shards poster

Design a promotional infographic

Create a vector iPhone

This great tutorial explains how to create a vector iPhone image from a scratch.


Introduction to typography

Create a variety of script lettering

Create a dark 3D text effect

Create a “Happy Feet” font

Draw a vector hair typography illustration

Create letter art made of tiny bricks

Build your letters from bricks. With this tutorial, you will learn how easy it is to create unique letter art.

Create a delicious candy cane typography

How to create Tron-style typography

“Tron” is an incredibly awesome film that  introduced distinctive and futuristic visual style. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create icon Tron-style typography.

How to create chocolate text effect

Make your text look like a mummy

Learn to create smoky brushes and typography

Make a wooden text effect

Create awesome 3D typography from a dream

Typography from a dream. With this tutorial, you will learn how to create detailed and intriguingly atmoshperic letter art.

Design retro 3D arcade text effect

How to create shiny and stylish text effect

Learn how to add stylish chrome effects to your text.

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