10 Great And Beautiful Gadgets For Your Smart Home

It is possible that in the future we will live in smart houses that will come with advanced automation features out of the box and do many things for us. Maybe we won’t even know that our smoke detector is also responsible for temperature and humidity of the house and that strange gadget in the living room incessantly monitors the air to make sure there it is not polluted and harmful.

We speak of it as the future, but it is actually today. There are plenty of ingenious gadgets on the market that were designed to make your life easier and look after your health and house. Since they were conceived to be an important part of the space you spend most of your time in, apart from various smart features they sport attractive appearance and eye-candy aesthetics. We’ve cherry picked 10 great and beautiful gadget for your future (or current) smart home. Enjoy!

Note: Items are in no particular order.

Google Chromecast

Chromecast is a very smart HDMI dongle that you can attach to your TV, connect to your home Wi-Fi network, and use to stream music and videos from your smartphone or tablet. As more and more Android apps are being updated with support for Chromecast, the device is learning handy tricks and gaining new features.

Nest Protect

Designed with safety with mind, Nest Protect is a smart sensor that can detect smoke, heat, light, and motion as well as the deadly carbon monoxide.

Nest Learning Thermostat

If you do not tolerate high (or low) temperatures and are tired of fiddling around your home thermostat, get Nest. It’s a beautiful little gadget that you can stick to the wall in your living room. It learns what temperature you like and adjusts it automatically. Thanks to various state-of-art technologies hidden inside its tiny body, Nest can program itself and allow you to save on heating and cooling bills.

Ninja Sphere

We live in the connected world, but sometimes we’re fed up with multiple devices that serve similar purposes but do not get along with each other. Ninja Sphere is different as it was built as an ethereally beautiful center of all things digital. It uses a rich set of built-in sensors to learn your preferences and habits, monitor temperature and energy usage, and look after your valuable items when you’re away.

August Smart Lock

How many times have you arrived to work wondering if you’d closed the door to your apartment and turned the key in the lock? August is a brilliant little gadget that will put an end to these perplexities. It doesn’t require a physical key. Instead, it connects to your phone and automatically locks and unlocks doors wirelessly when you’re in the nearby.

Philips Hue Light Bulb

Smart lighting is no longer a song of the future. Philips’ Hue is a set of modern light bulbs that you can install at home and control from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The bulbs are customizable, which means that you can choose the colour of the light and program when they should turn on and off.

Nimbus Dashboard

Nimbus is a gorgeous gadget built for those who suffer from information overload. It hooks up to your smartphone and downloads notifications to display them in an easy, unobtrusive way. It’s basically a car dashboard for your home. You can put it on the table to get access to Facebook and Twitter notifications, weather forecast, and time at a glance.

Alima Air Monitor

Alima Air Monitor is a beautifully designed device that monitors the quality of air in the apartment as well as measures temperature and humidity and detects pollution. It can also send you a notification if the air is toxic and dangerous.

LG’s 55-inch Curved OLED TV

Apart from gorgeous 55-inch OLED display, this TV offers a bunch of smart features that will make your life easier or at least more exciting. You can use it to watch films and TV shows from various sources, browse the web, and use apps.

Sony’s 4K Short-Throw Projector

A beautifully minimal short-throw project that can display your favourite pictures and videos at a whooping 4K resolution. Thanks to four full-size HDMI ports, any device can be plugged in. It is also possible to stream content from Netflix and other sources of wireless entertainment.