How Dieter Rams Inspired Some Apple Products

It may come as a surprise to you, but simple and intuitive design and unconstrained elegance you love your iMac and iPhone for were inspired by a very well respected designer who used to design products for Braun – Dieter Rams.

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive have merely adopted and refined the design language created by Dieter Rams, one of the greatest industrial designers ever.

Rams was the one who formulated ten principles of good design (which laid the foundations for design at Apple, Braun, Bang & Olufsen, and many other companies) and introduced a combination of clean form with unrestricted functionality to devices and products of everyday use.

Dieter Rams, through his design philosophy and sophisticated, unique style, has had a great influence on the look and feel of numerous Apple products. When you compare the original iPod or a newer iMac with some of Rams’ works, you will easily notice similarities in their appearance as well as attention to detail. It is obvious that both Jonathan Ive and Hartmut Esslinger (founder of frog design, the company that built many Macintosh computers before Ive joined Apple) look up to Dieter Rams and that is reflected by their designs.

Braun T3 and the original iPod

Braun ET66 and the calculator app on the original iPhone

Braun T1000 and Apple Mac Pro

Braun LE4 and Apple iMac

Braun Infrared Emitter and Apple iSight

Check out the gallery below for more amazing products designed by Dieter Rams.

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