Cone Music Player

Mobile chips and advanced software are slowly finding their way into more devices. We already have smartphones, tablet, smartTV, smartwatches, and even smart guns, but the family of intelligent gadgets continues to grow. In the future even speakers and media players will be smart enough to guess what song we want to listen at a given moment and the new Aether Cone is a sign of things to come.

The device looks… well, it looks like a cone. Attractive and natural shape makes it very accessible, as if it was a piece of jewelry or home appliance we’ve been using for years. However, slightly misleading design doesn’t stop it from packing some of the most intriguing technology we’ve seen recently.

Thanks to tight integration with the most popular streaming service and ability to access to your song library wirelessly, the player can learn your musical preferences and provide you with songs it thinks you may enjoy.

That’s not everything the Cone is capable of. Not only it is equipped with a wireless module and support for Apple’s AirPlay, but also comes with a touch-enabled surface that makes playing and controlling playback easy as pie.

The Aether Cone can be yours for as much as $400.