ClearView Clio Speaker

Usually we see speakers as having a circular driver – it’s the most common form of a speaker. ClearView Clio completely changes the design of your normal speaker and makes it beautiful at the same time. This amazingly designed device will not only fill our office or bedroom with sound of great quality and loudness, but also become a centrepiece.

The speaker may seem invisible at first sight. This is because it consists of only two elements: a large and thin sheet of curved acrylic glass, and a compact base unit. While the latter houses a 2-inch woofer and stereo dipole speakers, the see-through transducer is used to resonate and create the sound waves. The design allows for the speaker to output the sound in multiple directions and deliver a stunning listening experience.

Thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity, ClearView Clio can be hooked up to any smartphone or tablet to stream music wirelessly. If you would rather use a traditional cable, there’s a 3.5 mm jack alongside a standard set of buttons.

The Clio in three colour options is available for pre-order at $349 from ClearView’s website and expected to ship in late March.