Cisco’s Cool Offices In San Francisco

After Cisco – one of the world’s biggest corporation that designs and sells networking equipment – acquired Wi-Fi firm Meraki, it needed a larger office for new employees. The company has hired Studio O+A to create the interior for its headquarters in San Francisco. Designers surveyed the workers to find what they liked about their previous workplace and decided to translate those features into the new one.

The result is a cool and relaxed space, which promotes the spirit of collaboration. It is huge and airy, with plenty of room for natural light. Employees can work in either cube-like cubicles or one of many conferences rooms and sitting areas. Those inspire to discuss and develop ideas, which may be inspired by offices’ amazing interior design. Architects went for a neat combination of timber, concrete and colour. While flooring, furniture, and ribbed ceiling are made of wood, walls sport various flashy shapes and patterns.

Generally speaking, Cisco’s new offices don’t feel like a workplace at all. It is rather a meeting place where people gather to exchange their opinions and play – and it’s perfect.