Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review


P1120308 620x413 Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review

I use my device quite a lot as a portable hotspot for my iPad and MacBook. I also love to watch movies on the go with my unlimited data plan. But things like this are ridiculously battery intensive, I end up killing my battery in the space of six hours.

I ended up getting hold of a external battery charger for my device so I could prolong my intensive usage. This Power Jacket has a huge capacity of 4200mAh, that is nearly three times as much as the 1440mAh in the iPhone 5. This is much bigger than most other iPhone 5 chargers.

P1120330 620x413 Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review

The Power Jacket is very big. As you can see from the image above, it’s nearly three times as thick as the iPhone 5. So if you’re going to buy something like this, be prepared to lose the slenderness of the iPhone 5 frame. However I’ve found many people would be happy to sacrifice thinness for a bigger battery.

P1120326 620x413 Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review

On the front it has an on/off button. I’m not sure why a button like this is even needed as most external chargers I’ve seen don’t have one.

It also shows percentage of charge left in the charger. It’s not the most elegant way to show how much charge is left but it works.

P1120320 620x413 Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review

A very unique feature of this charger is the ability to charge other devices. It has a generic USB port built right into the side of it. It’s actually pretty awesome and works very well. You’ll be able to charge any other device providing it can charge via USB – so you’re not limited to the Lightning connector.

P1120328 620x413 Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review

The iPhone sits on a very nice – dust loving – felt like layer. It’s a good way to protect the back of the iPhone but obviously the sides and tops are left exposed. So don’t expect this charger to protect your iPhone too.

P1120321 620x413 Power Jacket for iPhone 5 | Review

There are only three things I really don’t like about this charger. The headphone port is just extended so you won’t be able to connect any L-shaped jacks, only ones that are straight. The charge rate is only 500mAh which is pretty slow compared to the standard 1000mAh you can get from a wall charger and some other chargers I’ve seen. The last thing is that it can take a very long time to charge, it took me a good five hours to charge from dead to full.

Other than those three issues this charger is actually brilliant. It will of course add a lot of thickness but you can carry it everywhere with you because it easily fits into your pocket. Unlike other chargers which are usually external devices. And with a massive capacity of 4200mAh it will easily get your iPhone through a few days.

Power Jacket Case for iPhone 5

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